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Raise Funds, friends and awareness for your non-profit organization, great croquet fundraising opportunities.
Build team spirit and unity with our fun, innovative Common Ground Croquet™ corporate team building events.
Best quality, unique, hand-crafted Croquet sets and croquet equipment from backyard to professional grade.
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Say Farewell to Golf Outings!

You can host beautiful, highly social, fun events that encourage interactions and build relationships (yes, really!).  Golf Croquet and Survivor Croquet are the greatest for maximum fun and challenge. Get them together outdoors for a refreshing change!

Common Ground Croquet

For organizations who want to help build their teams and team spirit by challenging their leaders and employees in areas of character building through reinforcement of basic values of fairness, flexibility, cooperation, and leadership. The company’s core values may be incorporated into the event for continued promotion, exposure and emphasis.  All is done while creating teachable moments in the best way: having fun!

Common Ground Croquet Classic

These events use a our Common Ground Croquet curriculum designed to challenge all participants in situations that demand quick thinking, flexibility, mutual dependency leadership and cooperation in an environment of shifting goals, priorities, and strategies.

Common Ground Croquet Tournaments

These events include aspects of the above with an emphasis on good natured competition using 9 Wicket Backyard Croquet, Survivor Croquet, or our newest addition Golf Croquet.

Scores are taken, posted on leaderboards and recognitions are awarded.  Balance this with any proportion of silliness to seriousness.  It all makes for a fun and memorable spirit and morale builder.

Incorporate either of these events into your company picnic or outing. Contact us for arrangements.