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 Best Croquet Tournament Fundraising, Team Building and Croquet Equipment Across the USA!

Croquet Fundraising Events
Raise Funds, friends and awareness for your non-profit organization, great croquet fundraising opportunities.
Corporate Events
Build team spirit and unity with our fun, innovative Common Ground Croquet™ corporate team building events.
Buy Croquet Equipment
Best quality, unique, hand-crafted Amish Croquet sets and croquet equipment from backyard to professional grade.
Croquet Your Way
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Croquet Your Way Videos

Croquet Your Way "9 Wicket Play and Strategy Video"

Croquet Your Way "Survivor Croquet"

About Croquet Your Way...Not really!  It's About You!

...Your event, your constituents, your relationship, your team building, your funds, your success, your satisfaction!

Croquet Your Way serves clients that are simply tired of the same old golf tournaments, walks, runs, and...fill in the fundraising blank.

Croquet Your Way's clients are not content with anonymity and the status quo, tend to love a great time, truly enjoy fellowship and positive social interactions, and love to give their constituents something to talk about.

Croquet Your Way's clients want to provide a great experience, knowing that their needs and goals will, most likely, be met in the process.  Like the game itself, they are inclusive rather than exclusive.

These clients are located in 10 states, soon to be 11, where they will have enthusiastically hosted signature Croquet fundraising and team building events.

Croquet Your Way exists to help clients create unique, repeatable, profitable Croquet events and tournaments...from the most lavish to the silly...but ALL fun!

Coming to a town near you.  Fill out the contact form or pick up the phone and introduce yourself. Can't wait to meet you!